Rain rain rain.

RAIN! it is raining so i will find (funny) stuff about RAIN!

hee hee. clever frog


the next ones not really rain but oh well

Jasmine: Can you answer me, why do people use ketchup in rain?
Rosie: Simply because it rains like cats and hot dogs..

Why did your sister cut a hole in her new umbrella ? Because she wanted to be able to tell when it stopped raining.

You never get anything right, complained the teacher. What kind of job do you think you ll get when you leave school ? Well, I want to be the weather girl on TV.

If a farmer raises wheat in dry weather, what does he raise in wet weather? An umbrella.

What kind of umbrella does the Queen of England carry on a rainy day? A wet one.

Who is it that everybody listens to but nobody believes? The weatherman.

Why do mother kangaroos hate rainy days? Because then the children have to play inside

Gosh, it”s raining cats and dogs, said Fred looking out of the kitchen window. “I know,” said his mother. “I’ve just stepped in a poodle!”

I hope thats lighten your day and look its stopped raining!!!!