Friday Flowers {On Thursday}

I am posting my weekly Friday flower arrangement today {Thursday} as I am signing off a little early this week. I hope you have a nice weekend and I look forward to catching up with you all next week.


Friend for a Lifetime

When someone is in your life for a reason to make enjoy great company of each other and a community to have love, feelings and belongingness together. Friendship remains the same for all season with everyone so promise each other to be friends in time forever. Send these cards of "Friend for a Lifetime" as a token of your love, feelings and affection for your dear friend.
Best Friend For My Lifetime Lifetime Friends Cards
Friend for a Lifetime

Friendship Poetry

Friends are rare gems which are hard to find and precious to store. So, maintain the freshness of your relationship by adding joys of colors and fragrance of love. Express your feelings of friendship love and affection for each other in a poetic way through these Friendship Poetry cards and greetings. Find out these emotional, cute, funny, loyal, devotional and other feelings of friendship in the poetry lines.
Friendship Poetry eCards Friendship Poetry
Best Friend Poetry

Cute Friendship Cards

Friendship make like more enjoyable and colorful with feeling of togetherness, love, care and affection for each other. Spread smiles every minute to touch the hearts and send lots of hugs to your dear friend. Reach out to your friends to celebrate cute feelings of friendship between each other. Follow these cute friendship cards to tell your friend your kind feelings for him/her.
Cute friendship greeting card Cute Friends
Cute Friendship Cards

Miss You Buddy

Let your dear buddy know how much you miss him/her on this friendship day through these "Miss You Buddy" Card. Say it by carrying a miss you written teddy, cute pets cuddling each other, imaginative scene of missing you. Scatter your feelings for missing your dear buddy by exchanging these lovely cards and greetings.
Miss You My Buddy Miss You Buddy
Miss You Buddy Card I Miss You Buddy

Thank You Friend

Thank your friendship for making you and your life more enjoyable. From the day you have come into my life, you added colors of joys, excitement, satisfaction and entertainment in my life. Restore your funny and loving friendship by sending these thank you friend card. I smile of you because you made me enjoy life.
Thank You Friends Cards Thank You Friend Greeting Cards
Thank You Friend

You Make Me Smile

Friendship and love is a most beautiful feeling when people care for each other and feel to be attached to take your creativity of closeness forever. So, share the feelings of togetherness and respect for friends by making each other smile and share laugh for together. Wipe your friends tears with hankerchief and spread miles away smile. Present these You Make Me Smile card to your dear friend for making your happy at odd times.
You Make Me Smile Card You Make Me Smile Ecard
You Make Me Smile

Recent Project

We worked around the client's existing bed head above and just added the lamps and bed cushions.

Here are a few snippets of a house I just finished working on. We re-used a few of the client's existing pieces and added some new pieces and lots of pretty fabrics to freshen up the home.

Today I Love...

I love this green and white gingham slip covered armchair with the lace trim detail along the bottom hemline. Such a pretty chair sitting on my favourite white painted floorboards.

Image - Country Home via Mary Ruffle

Happy Thought

Pretty House

Amanda posted this gorgeous house yesterday so I don't want to steal her thunder however, I do really love this exterior shot with the billowing sheer curtains. Isn't it gorgeous? You must go and see the rest of the house on Amanda's blog.

A Little Flower Arranging Spot

And just in case I didn't post enough images to get you excited about a flower shed yesterday, here's one more. Although I think this one is a little corner in a kitchen. I just love the mix of blue and white china, fresh flowers, old family photographs and the pretty little wall lights.

Image - House Beautiful via Mary Ruffle

A Flower Shed

One day I would love to have a flower shed in which I could arrange flowers and store all of my vases and baskets and garden things. In my perfect flower shed I would have a large sink, a large work bench, lots of shelving and places to hang baskets and buckets. I would also have a pretty spot for some lovely old chairs where I could sit and drink tea with a friend whilst I contemplated my next arrangement!! I must get this book above called Shed Chic as I am sure it would provide lots more inspiration for my little flower shed.

Image 1 & 2 via Belle Maison Blog

Glamorous Times

Following on from my vintage fashion posters which I posted last week...

I am very inspired by the style and grace of these women. Look at the beautiful dress Grace Kelly is wearing in the bottom image. I just adore the green and white floral fabric it is made in. On another note, look at the curved banquettes which are made in white painted lattice. There is just so much inspiration in these beautiful images.

Image 1 -, Image 2 - Grace Kelly via Porchlight Interiors Blog

When they get angry: Lion attacks boy

We tease, punish, kill animals...but that doesnt mean that they can not pay us back...someone somwhere have to pay !!!! when they get angry than its very hard for human to stop them...very hard

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Everlasting Friendship

The warmness and feel of an everlasting friendship could be experienced with only rare people who maintain that zink into their relation with friends. They maintain the trust, love, respect, care and affection among friends. If your friendship is also the same then don't miss the opportunity to share these Everlasting Friendship cards and greetings to let your feelings.
Everlasting Friendship Greeting Cards AN Everlasting Friendship
Everlasting Friendship

Cute Friendship Quotes

Brighten up your friendship with these cute friendship quotes card and greetings where you present your cute way of making the relation more loving and funny. Look back to your past memories when you were little kids and since then you are enjoying each day of your company and learning things from each other. These cute little chicks, little girl, monkey, pigeon, scene of childhood enjoying cycling and other past cheerished memories.
  • Life is nothing without friendship. - Marcus Tullius Cicero.
  • There are not many things in life so beautiful as true friendship, and not many things more uncommon.
Cute Friendship Quotes Cute Friendship
Cheerful Cute Friendship Quotes

We Will Always be friends

We always heard that friendship is very funny, happy and loving. Friends always remain in touch with each other. Share the joys of your loving friendship by saying "We Will Always be friends". Don't him/her go away, always maintain a relation of friendship because friends are best pals of life making life more enjoyable and happy.
We Will Always Be FriendsWe'll Always Be Friends
We will always be friends forever we will still be friends always

Best friend Quotes

Welcome to the ultimate destination where you get complete access to our free gallery of quotes and sayings for the coming friendship day. Cheer your friendship by saying few lines for your best friend from our latest collection of Best friend Quotes. These common quotations will add magic of love and more respect for each other. Find some of the best quotes for friendship day.
  • A best friend isn't someone who's just always there for you. It's someone who understands you a bit more than you understand yourself.
  • A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the World walks out.
  • Friendship is one mind in two bodies.
Best friend quotes on friendship day Favorite Best Friends Quotations
Best friend Quotes

Handmade Friendship Cards

Friendship needs to be celebrated, appreciated and thanked for making life more enjoyable and easy because friends make things easy for us. They help us out from any trouble or pain. You must wish happy friendship day to your dear friend in a much special way with your hand-art. Design handmade friendship cards for your special friend to give a persobal touch.
Simple Friendship Handmade Cards Handmade Friendship Cards
Handmade Cards for Friendship Day