Friday Flowers

Apparently these beautiful peonies, which our florist delivered to the shop this morning, are the first for the season. They look so pretty with our colourful cushions and our new orange ottoman!! Hope you have a great weekend.


Black & Spiro Today

Our new left side window display was supposed to go in today however, we had a few dramas with it and it won't go in until tomorrow so the girls put this temporary display into the window for today. I had to share it with you as one of my most favourite things in the entire world is blue and white ginger jars filled with fresh flowers...definitely an obsession my mother has passed onto me!!

Clayfield House

Here are a couple of photos of a job I have been working on over at Clayfield. I thoroughly enjoyed working for this lovely couple and their 2 young children. The floral armchairs we made are my favourite thing in this house and work beautifully with the colourful Chinese drum stool which we placed next to the slip covered sofa.


I have had a long association with Brisbane Antique dealer, Nick Wallrock in that my parents collected most of their Antique pieces from Nick over the years. I was thrilled to recently hear that Nick's daughter Jessica has joined the family business. I think it will be lovely to see some of the pieces selected by Jessica for sale at Wallrocks. I am sure she will add a new perspective to the long running and well regarded Wallrocks.

Not only have Wallrocks had a new addition, they have also moved from their old location over at Woolloongabba to Clayfield. Nick's old store was housed in the lovely old building which Crosstown Eatery now operates in. I remember often going there on a Saturday with my mother to inspect the latest shipment Nick had on offer. He always told the best stories about the pieces he was selling and still does I must admit!! One piece I am admiring in their latest shipment is this beautiful 19th Century Eastern European lidded Antique bench seat with it's original paint which can be viewed on their wonderful new website...certainly one of Jessica's suggestions I am sure!

Black & Spiro Today

Here are a couple of photos of our current window display at Black & Spiro. The poodle lamps are very wild yet so much fun. I adore the fabric drop in the background and our new little woven shell boxes which you can see on the table are a current obsession of mine. They come in 5 different sizes and I was thinking it would be a fun idea to bake some beautiful shortbread stars for Christmas and use these lovely shell boxes to put the shortbread in as gifts for my friends. We have a few in stock if anyone else would like to do the same!! For all enquiries email us

Miranda Skoczek at Edwina Corlette

I absolutely love the new Miranda Skoczek exhibition which is opening this Friday night at Edwina Corlette Gallery in Brisbane. Miranda's work is so beautiful and colourful and fresh. I am sure the exhibition will be a sell out!! For all enquiries contact Edwina Corlette.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Please, please, please deliver this stool to me on Christmas morning?!


image - 1st dibs via fric & frac

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Romantic Autumn

Yep, Autumn is here once again, the leaves on the trees are turning, all nice and romantic and nice and er, em.... and it's before winter.

Nice colours, all sort of brown

What could be nicer than Autumn in Paris.

Autumn in Czech Republic maybe?

How about a romantic autumn in the Amazon Jungle?

Or, yes, no kidding this is Autumn in Antarctica.

How about a romantic London in autumn.

Maybe not, forget about trees, beer is better, all year.

KW in Australian Vogue Living

Loved the KW spread in this month's Australian Vogue Living. I am particularly taken by the amazing wallpaper she designed {middle image & bottom image} and the joyous use of colour she has employed throughout the house!!

Funny Baby Pictures Photos of a Cute Cat Couple

Photos of a Cute Cat Couple

Photos of a Cute Cat Couple

Happy Weekend

I loved this image the minute I spotted it on {this is glamorous}! So beautiful, don't you think?? I hope you have a great weekend. I won't be back here until Tuesday next week as I am heading away for a few days.

Funny Cute Dog Photos Dogs Pictures Funny Baby Pictures

Funny Cute Dog Photos Dogs Pictures

Funny Cute Dog Photos  Dogs Pictures

Children's Bedroom Series

I have been thoroughly enjoying the posts Amanda has been running on children's rooms. She has been interviewing a few blogger's children and posting some photos of their rooms which has been so much fun! My Harry was one of the children to be interviewed about his room HERE. Thanks for asking us to be involved Amanda and I can't wait to see who's room is next!!

image - house beautiful via swish & swanky

Pattern on Pattern

This room certainly does have some pattern going on but I really like it for some reason. I think it's the wallpaper which is catching my eye!!

image via skona hem

From The Files

A couple of images from my files which I continue to love. I really do seem to be enjoying a touch of red lately and it always looks wonderful with blue and white don't you think?

image 1 - elle decor, image 2 - domino

A Little Project

I thought it would be fun to show you a little project I am working on for a client. Not only do we love to work on large jobs, we love to help clients with small things too. This little antique stool was dropped into me a few weeks ago by one of my clients who had picked it up in Melbourne. Although there might be some protests from a few of you with regards to us replacing the original tapestry on the stool, the client wanted it recovered in a more vibrant fabric. We chose a beautiful pink and yellow painted silk and we are trimming it with hot pink gimp. I am looking forward to seeing it when it comes back from the upholsterer in it's new cover.

Funny Baby Pictures Cute Smiling Face Of A Baby Girl

Cute Smiling Face Of A Baby Girl

Cute Smiling Face Of A Baby Girl

A Garden Table

There were certainly many things to be inspired by in the much anticipated launch issue of Lonny magazine but one particular thing which caught my eye was the beautiful garden table in Deborah Needleman's home. I was recently recommending a very similar concept to a client of mine who has an apartment in the city. I thought it would be lovely to inject some green onto her verandah by way of a table filled with pots. It was great to be able to email her this picture the other day so that she could visualize what I had been talking about.

I thought this weathered table above could make for a lovely garden table. For all enquiries on this table above just email us

Cute Pics Of A Baby Girl Funny Baby Pictures

Cute Pics Of A Baby Girl

Cute Pics Of A Baby Girl

Funny Baby Pictures Cute Baby Girl looking in a Funny Way

Cute Baby Girl looking in a Funny Way

Cute Baby Girl looking in a Funny Way

Cute Angel Baby Girl Funny Baby Pictures

Cute Angel Baby Girl

Cute Angel Baby Girl

Where Did The Week Go?

I seem to have lost track of the week this week, hence my absence!

I adored the post Millie did recently on old rockers. This one above was my favourite. Heading into the weekend, I could imagine myself sitting in that exact spot. Instead I am undertaking the complete re-organisation of my wardrobe, which is very daunting, I must admit. See you next time!

One More Ormiston Photo

Here is one more photo of the Ormiston house which I thought I would share with you. We delivered a pair of these beautiful blue and white armchairs down to the house late last week.

I Love...

I love this room for it's sheer simplicity. It's thrown together, it's not fussy, it's not calculated. I love it!

image - domino via brocante home pinboard

Friday Pink Flowers

Here are some little pink garden roses I picked and placed in an old bottle. Today I am following the lead of Mrs Blandings by posting pink flowers as this week marks the beginning of October which is Breast Cancer awareness month. For more information please click onto the National Breast Cancer Foundation's website or visit Mrs B for further information.

Happy Weekend!!