Home Work

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing a few little finishing touches at home. Last week I collected together some paintings I have and had them hung in a cluster on a wall in our kitchen. There are a couple of drawings Harry has done for me, a painting which I picked up down in Bangalow last weekend and a few other special things I have collected over the years. The trick with cluster walls is laying the paintings down on the floor in a layout you like first and then hanging them. I always have a professional picture hanger hang them for me, after I have laid out the design, as my husband is {unfortunately} hopeless with a hammer.

New British Government is here

We all know that Gordon and his chums are finished. So here are a few likely contenders. Let's face it, we've been scraping the bottom of the barrel for a while now. These new guys are a breath of fresh air.

So it's Gordon out, this one in.

A word in your ear, Prime Minister!

The Health Secretary........

Woops, no... , he's fallen out of the window.

So, here's his replacement, he can see better.

New Sports Minister, but he'll have to get used to wearing running shoes on his feet.

Agriculture Minister.....

and the Department of Agriculture

The New Home Secretary. He has that homely look, but you can't lead him by the nose.

New Culture Minister

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, will stay.

We've painted the Houses of Parliament!!

And we'll give the goverment these nice cars.

Yahoooooh!! Can't wait!!!!

Sunday Lunch

I love the idea of a Sunday lunch like this with family and friends around a beautiful old table with lots of flowers, wine and great food. Now that Winter is almost here I think I need to plan a lunch like this out on the grass in our garden under our big old tree around our old French dining table.

A Bed for Ned

Ideally it would have been great to have had a bed built for Ned just like this one above when we were renovating last year however, we weren't considering a new puppy at that time. So, after all my thoughts of where or what Ned will sleep in it seems he has opted for the easiest option of all. He loves to sleep on a towel, albeit an Ralph Lauren towel, on the floor right next to my side of our bed....yes I know I am a softie letting him sleep inside but that's just the way I am. I couldn't sleep knowing he was outside all on his own. He has found his resting spot and I'm thrilled.

Image 1 - via Brabourne Farm Blog

Friday Flowers & Ned

It's been kind of a crazy week in our household. Yesterday I went to the airport to pick up our new little family member, Ned an 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy. He is divine. I thought I would take a photo of him with my Friday Flowers. He really didn't want to sit on the chair, hence the not-so-great photo. I hope you have a great weekend wherever you are, whatever you do. See you next week!

More Pretty Vintage Style

Another great example of pretty vintage style above. So many lovely things in this photo. I adore the red and white stripe armchair with the floral cushions and the white cane table displaying lots of gorgeous things is divine.

Image - Country Homes & Interiors via Brambourne Farm

Making waves & Amazing Street paintings

2 Themes today! None have been photoshopped, just great seaside pics and Street Painting that'll make you look twice

It's where I want to be.

Next are the Street paintings, unbelievable is all I can say.

Click for the full size picture

Yeah! it's really a painting on a real street.


The Artist at work. If anyone knows who or where this is I'll buy them a beer!!

Don't forget, leave a comment.

Pretty Vintage Style

I love this pretty vintage style room. It's amazing how inexpensive it is creating a room using vintage pieces. My friend Simone recently started a great blog called Beach Vintage where she shares her passion for vintage finds and how to create a great vintage look on a budget. I can't believe some of the gorgeous things she has collected and created and she always does it so inexpensively!!

Image 1 & 2 via House of Bliss

Today I Love...

Today I love this gorgeous clipping of a Tiffany & Co. advertisement which Emily posted last week. Some lovely reminders don't you think?! Click on image to supersize.

Painting Treasured Things

My mum's friend who has been painting some paintings for me at Black & Spiro has a very talented son. He is actually studying to be an Architect but thought he would pick up a brush and paint one of my vignettes. I love it so much I can't bear to sell it. Isn't he talented?! He obviously takes after his mother!! The crystal vase is one which my grandmother gave me and the colourful box is one I picked up a few years ago which continues to be one of my most favourite things. If anyone would like a painting done of their treasured things just let me know as Tom or Diana could certainly create something wonderful for you...

From The Files

I have had this house on file for quite sometime. I re-discovered it the other day when I was hunting for something to show a client in one of my many magazine tear out files. It belongs to Danish jewellery designer Marlene Juhl-Jorgensen. I adore her collections which she has featured against an all-white background. In my opinion this house seems so glamorous yet so simple and family friendly at the same time.

All images via - Interiors Magazine

Lion+Tiger = Liger

Well...who would have ever thought that some thing like Liger will ever be produces.

Its huge....even than the lions and tigers...

Czech Skoda's

Living in Czech Republic is interesting. Skoda's are everywhere.
Ok, so the new ones are ok, I've even owned an Octavia.
But even these older ones just keep going, even though they're dinosaurs.

This one definitely!

They use Skoda's for everything here. A bit overloaded...

A bit more than overloaded. Ok, it's not a Skoda

This Skoda's just been overused

Time to buy a Trabant

They're sexy

And worth stealing

And come in different sizes.

If you have any interesting photo's , just send them to me.
I'll put them on the blog with a word of thanks.

Friday Flowers

I'm not usually a huge fan of Carnations however, I do like this simple little posy I created this afternoon using some fresh white Carnations and a little Antique Cloisonne jar I picked up at the Antique Fair last night. I couldn't decide which spot to put them in so I took a photo of both little spots. The colours of the little jar look so pretty with my vintage bird however, I ended up popping the little arrangement on my bedside table on a stack of books in front of a little drawing of Harry's I recently had framed. See you next week!!

Day at the seaside

Hi Everyone! I'm Dave Fraser.

I live in Czech Republic in a small town near Brno. Life's good here but there's no sea, so I thought I'd put up a few pics about visiting the seaside.
Hope you like them.

This is just a nice a photo, but make sure you get to the beach early

And pick the the right time of the year

Getting there by plane is a good idea, but be careful where you park, the tide'll come in.

Check the weather forecast before you leave

And keep watching for slight changes

Always obey the rules

And no hanky panky please

Children might be watching

Watch out, the fish might bite

But never fear, beach patrol is on hand

Looking for those tell-tale signs of life.

You can see famous people at the seaside, always with hangers on!

Oh, look! it's my girlfriend!

it's ok, the wife's looking the other way

She always causes a storm

I normally cover up

You like the pics? Please add comments.