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Scratching his ear

Photos Of Big Animals

Just take a look at these photos. Have you ever seen such big animals and big fishes on earth.

Just scroll down for these big animal photos.

Reindeer Hunted Down

Reindeer Pictures

Biggest Squids

Biggest Stingray

Biggest Stingray

Kid Having Biggest Toad

Kid Having Biggest Toad

Biggest Tree On Earth

Biggest Tree On Earth

Big Fish Photos

Big Fish Photos

Biggest Animal Pictures

Big Animal Photos

Biggest Fish Pictures

Cute Smiling Baby Pictures, Sounds Of Baby

Sitting on a branch

Baby Photos Might Get Your Lost Wallet Returned

We normally go in for thin and streamlined wallets 'round this blog, but Scottish researchers suggests a (cute) baby photo is a seriously worthy addition to any wallet. It might just pressure your billfold's finder into mailing it your way.

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Pastry baby

Cute Cat Photos

Funny Photos Of Cats Online. Take a Look.

Funny Cat Photos

Funny Cat Photos

Cute Crazy Cat Couples

Cute Crazy Cat Couples

Tiger Cat Photos

Tiger Cat Photos

Kitty Photos

Kitty Photos

Cute Kitty Photos

Cute Kitty Photos

Carry a baby picture - Times Online

Cute bunny baby

Sleeping Baby Pictures

Photo Of A Sleeping Baby

Photo Of A Sleeping Baby

Funny Babies Pictures

Cute Baby Pictures

Cute Baby Pictures


Bird in fountain

Cute Baby Pictures Flower

Flowers on head

That's All Folks

Well, that's all from me this week. I am taking an early mark and heading away for a few days. I'd just like to thank the Skirted Girls again for having me over at their table this week. I really did have such a wonderful time. Thank you also for all of the beautiful comments you have left me this week too. You are all very, very kind. Looking forward to being back here next Tuesday. Have a great weekend!!

Image via Lolitas blog

Blue & White Lamp Heaven

I am so excited to say that we finally have some beautiful blue and white lamps available at Black & Spiro. As you can see above the girls have just unpacked them this morning and they are about to be put into the shop. We have some white crackle lamps and some really great orange lamps available too. Oh, and we also have some more new blue and white ginger jars which just came in this morning as well...just in case anyone is interested!!

Talking Around The Skirted Round Table

A huge thank you to Linda, Megan & Joni for inviting me to their Skirted Round Table for a chat. I had a fantastic time talking with you all yesterday. If anyone is interested in hearing our discussion click HERE to be directed over to The Skirted Round Table.

A Yellow Rose For You

Flowers are one of the most beautiful gift for someone who stays in our heart and we care for them. Basically yellow is the color of friendship, it means yellow roses are given to friends to express feelings of love, thanks, affection and belongingness with each other. If you have that special friend in your life with whom you share your happiness, boredom and have good understanding then on this friendship day, present bouquet of yellow roses to him/her with a tag line on the card 'A Yellow Rose For You'.
Yellow Rose For Friends Yellow Rose of Friendship
A Yellow Rose For You

Inseparable Friends - No One Can Apart Us

Friendship is a bond of some salty, spicy or sweet flavors which friends share with each other but still they remain together because the bond of love between them is so strong that no one can separate them. Tell everyone what kind of friendship you share together through these beautiful cards and greetings expressing the scene of 'Inseparable Friends'.
Inseparable Friends Inseparable Friends Greeting Cards No One Can Separate Us

Friendship Day Band Cards

Friendship band or friendship bracelet is a gift for a friend on friendship day to express feelings of love, affection and bonding between each other. On friendship day, friends tie on each other's wrist same design band to look similar. Make new friends and celebrate your special friendship by gifting friendship band to him/her. Along with bands you can present some cards or greetings also.
Friendship Day BandFree Friendship Band Ecards
Friendship Band Cards

Miss You My Friend - Cards, Greetings, Ecards

Friends bring smile on our face when we are in pain, wipes off our tears when we cry, help us when we need them and are always there on our call. This angel is our friend so thank this angel with a pomp and feel. If your friend is away from you and you are missing him/her a lot then exchange these 'Miss you friend' cards on this friendship day.
Miss You Friends Cards I Really Miss You Friend I Miss You My Friend

Lucky To Have A Friend Like You

Friendship day is a perfect day to reach out with your friends, buddies and best pals and cherish those golden period of your get-together. Your friend is like a lucky charm for you which always work when you need them. So, express your feelings to say how lucky you are with your friend on this friendship day. Freak out with him/her and speak those beautiful words of your heart 'Lucky To Have A Friend Like You'.
Lucky To Have You As My Friend Lucky To Be Your Friend
Lucky To Have A Friend Like You

Vintage Chairs

Sorry about the terrible photos however, I just had to snap a few shots of these pretty chairs I recently had recovered for one of my clients. They were her mother's chairs which we have worked into her lounge room scheme. We covered them in a black and white ticking and had box pleated skirts put around the base of them. I wanted to keep the timber frame in it's original condition so as to show the age of the chairs.

Friday Flowers

Here are some beautiful tulips which I just arranged in a vintage jug for the shop. I love this little corner in the shop at the moment and these fresh tulips fit right in. I hope you have a great weekend. See you next time!


Cupboard Makeover

I have an old cupboard at home just like this one however, at the moment mine certainly isn't looking as chic as this one.

At the shop I have lots of bits of left over wallpaper from displays we have done. I'm thinking I might use some of these bits to paper the back of my cupboard door.

My little cupboard is in a hallway near our kitchen and currently it is bursting at the seams with sheets and towels. I think I should move the sheets and towels into my larger laundry cupboard and fill this little one with some of my special pieces of china.

This pretty image has inspired me.

Image - Vogue Living

From the Files

This image {above} is one I've kept on file since mid last year. It's from an article Inside Out magazine did {May/June 2008 issue} on former Vogue Entertaining & Travel & Vogue Living Editor, Sharyn Storrier Lyneham's home.

After spotting this image in my files earlier this week I remembered that Vogue Living had done a story on Sharyn's home too {January/February 2008 issue}. I found a copy of the story and thought I would post the image Vogue Living published of this very same room.

I just adore the look of this sunroom - it's so fresh and pretty, inviting and mismatched and how divine are the fresh Hydrangeas?! Apparently those to die for cushions on the cane chairs are vintage.

These days Sharyn is in partnership with Australian Fashion Queen Belinda Seper in their unique concept store, Edit.

Image 1 - Inside Out Magazine, Image 2 - Vogue Living via Edit