A Charmed Life & A New Book

Australian born Author and fellow blogger Vicki Archer seems to live a charmed life in the South of France, the place she has found and now calls home. Like many, I adored her first book "My French Life" and her new book "French Essence", continues to drag me into her dreamy world. The photography by Carla Coulson is divine and Vicki's styling is second-to-none. I have posted my absolute favourite page in her new book above. I decided on this one page as I don't want to spoil it for you. This book is definitely one to add to the Christmas wish list! Congratulations Vicki on another huge success!!

Nb. French Essence is available now in Australia & New Zealand and will be sold on Amazon later this year.

Black & Spiro Today

Here is our current window display at Black & Spiro {above}. It's very bright, I must say, even for me! It's been a crazy week here at B&S. Usually the September school holidays are a quiet time for us. It is usually a time we call the lull before the storm with the onslaught of Christmas coming! However, for some strange reason these September holidays have been crazy. Lots of deliveries arriving as you can see below. A few clients will be very happy at the end of this week once they receive their beautiful armchairs!!

A Summer Table

This lovely table setting screams Summer to me. I love the fresh green and white colour palette. I also love the little succulent arrangements. They actually reminded me of the lovely succulent arrangements Chelsea over at Frolic created recently as below.

image 1 - victoria pearson via brown turtleneck sweater,
image 2 - frolic

Bathroom Shelving & Stools

The concept of open shelving in a kitchen or lounge room is often talked/blogged about but I do also like the idea of open shelving in a bathroom. These images above, which I have saved in my files, certainly show this concept very well. I like the idea of soaking in the bath tub looking at my beautiful things in the shelving surrounding me.

Another great idea for a bathroom, if you have a bath tub, is to use a drum stool next to the tub to put a book or a glass on. We have some lovely blue and white stools {and other colours too} in the shop at the moment which would do the job. I use one at home next to our bath and it is fabulous. I often have a pile of magazines on mine...nothing like reading some magazines in the bath at the end of a long day!!

image 1 & 2 via the lettered cottage, image 3 - anna spiro

Ormiston House Sneak Peek

I thought I would share a few photos of a job I have been working on lately for some very lovely clients at Ormiston. It's quite a funny story actually. When Brad, Harry and I lived at Ormiston a few years ago this house was one we used to drive past and comment on. The gardens were always so beautifully kept and the house was picture-perfect. I was thrilled when I arrived at the front door earlier this year at my first appointment with the clients to walk inside and see the house we had long admired and to be asked to be involved with the renovation and update of the home.

I helped the clients with the concept for the kitchen. One of my favourite things in the kitchen is the 3 vintage light fittings we found for above the island bench. I took them to one of my little vintage lighting haunts and we spent a good half hour there looking for the perfect lights. Two of the lights match and the third is slightly different. The clients were a little unsure of this at first but after my re-assurance they were happy to go with them. When I visited them at the house last week they couldn't have been happier with the lights. I actually love the size of them. Being smaller they don't dominate the kitchen which I really like.

We installed some of the furniture last week including their old sofas which we recovered in a plain pale blue linen with contrast white piping. The two Antique French gilt chairs I found for them and had covered in a beautiful pale blue and white stripe fabric to work with the blue/white/taupe floral fabric we selected for the scatter cushions. We are still working on a few more pieces of furniture including barstools, dining chairs, lamps etc.

Once we have completed the house in a few months we will be photographing it for our Black & Spiro website. I'll be sure to let you know once it is up on the portfolio page.

Oh, and look at the beautiful afternoon tea my client had prepared for me when I arrived to install the furniture. So lovely!!


Hello again. I thought I would let you know that I will be back to blogging on Monday. We had a lovely break away and I am looking forward to sharing some wonderful things with you next week including a few photos of a beautiful job I have been working on lately.


Jackie's Big Heart

Jackie shows his big heart once again by sponsoring 300 elderly people affected by the floods in Taiwan to enjoy a charity concert this weekend.

Despite repeated by commenting on Taiwan's political and economic court disaster, but as the son of Jackie Chan in Taiwan, or care about this land, following the donation of 10 million flood relief, as, after millions pocket again, please enjoy the victims north of the oldies concert this weekend .

Jackie Chan has previously donated 10 million to the Mountain Fund, as the 88 flood disaster relief, and now pledges this weekend at the Taipei International Convention Center of the "classic oldies Charity Concert" 300 tickets to invite the affected households in southern elderly people, elderly people living alone, assist in the reconstruction of the volunteers are so appreciated concerts. Just an average of 2,000 yuan fare, plus round-trip cost of high-speed rail and feeder tour, as well as meals, insurance, and probably again to spend 1 million yuan.

Care for the elderly, Jackie Chan has his reasons, because the parent, the mother was still alive, he was busy filming, do not spend more time with the elderly, Jackie Chan has always been the hearts of regret. So this time, be willing to host a party: "It had to do our best for the elderly is that we should all do, I want to do everything I can, so that oldies to soothe their emotions, relax mood."


Similar article:

Golden Eagle Entertainment News September 21, 2009 in Taipei, the international superstar Jackie Chan donated money to a low-key, following last month's flood disaster relief costs, as 88, after a few days ago also subscribe upcoming September 26 at the Taipei International Convention Center at the " Global Life charity concert classic songs "Over the last 300 tickets, inviting the affected households in southern elderly, elderly people living alone, assist in the reconstruction of the volunteers are so appreciated concerts. Jackie Chan is also attentive to prepare for the victims and package high-speed rail link under the tour bus shuttle to and from the way the elderly, as well as to prepare lunch and dinner as well as the purchase of insurance, and so each person. Jackie Chan has spared no effort in doing public service, said: "It had to do our best for the elderly is that we should all do. If we really want, you can always have the opportunity to care for the elderly gentlemen. But this kind of oldies concert, I'll want to do my best to make old songs to soothe their emotions, relax mood. "

Jackie Chan, Taiwan's 88 flood-stricken areas caring friends, in addition to rapid and low-key way to import Mountain Foundation's disaster relief funds, the Jackie Chan and sustained attention to the 88 flood affected friends, especially on the young and who have no of the elderly gentlemen. Entertain the elderly and the disaster volunteers to listen to oldies, Jackie Chan is also particularly encouraged us: "I hope you temporarily forget the worries, particularly the elderly, hoping that by oldies concert, soothe the pain caused by disasters, in the beautiful melody miss , let the good times past, soothing warmth of the old mind! relaxed frame of mind and we appreciate the old songs with the concert, and hope to help and encourage the victims out of grief, look towards the sun, a positive thought to face the future, pick up the confidence in the re-start! Of course, we also like to thank, consolation disaster volunteers for their hard work, hopefully by oldies concert, volunteers were also able to relax a moment, more spirit for the reconstruction of the road, to inject more power. "

That elderly people can not help but think of Jackie Chan's late parents, Chan said: "This is a few years my parents passed away one after another, they died, all because of an impediment at work when I could not keep them around, Chung Hau can not co-existence, this is my regret, often sigh for these regrettable. "Jackie Chan's action to care for the elderly, many years ago, had to" look after "the spirit of action.

Jackie Chan will be fixed down in the winter clothing to donate to the lonely elderly people in Hong Kong, mainland China, and even as far away as the United States are elderly care owed by good deeds. Taiwan 88 flood stricken friend, Jackie Chan is also particularly concerned about elderly people who have lost loved ones due to natural disasters, he will be the actual funding, continued to assist the affected elderly people. Jackie Chan In addition to using action to care for disaster, but also a more active interest in the progress of reconstruction and blueprints, Jackie Chan say so often as time goes by, the media focus on the degree of the victims may be dispersed, so how concerned about the victims of the follow-up life and the psychological level is very important, victims still face a strong future life, we can continue to concern, it is the sole driving force victims to move forward! Long-term disaster relief work, can help them return to a normal life, so that victims know that everyone will continue to care and help them, I will try even harder to do, moment to remind ourselves!


The same news item is also on SINA.COM and several other news sites. I have reproduced the ones with the best translations.

Jackie most healthy!

In the Chinese Star list Jackie, Yao Ming and Andy Lau head the Most Healthy list.

"Star Jean List Star Index" recently released by the organizers of the first half of 2009, including Star health index, popularity index, business index, index and fashion icons, including index list. The list of health indicators on the top three male stars are Jackie Chan, Yao Ming and Andy Lau

People's Network - "People's Daily Overseas Edition"

Wudangshan - Wudang Mountain


Wudang Mountains - Wikipedia

Angel Babies

Baby with flower

Vase Babies


Flower Babies

Daniel 4 months

Bug Babies

Daniel 2 months

Sleepy Babies 2009

upto no good

2009 Funny Babies

missing u dad

Cute Babies 2009

maxwell being maxwell

kid's picture and win

maxwell being maxwell

Not Cute

cute in pink

Jackie Praises Efficiency of Filming in Wudang

Receiving a Gift from local Dignitaries

September 16, Jackie Chan and Wudang Mountain Scenic Spot is much to applaud when talking to the leadership of Wudang Mountain. He said that the Americans come to Mount Wudang filming, Wudang Mountain Scenic Spot management orderly organization is great, the real struggle of the Chinese people for our face! Jackie Chan very much like the natural scenery and ancient Wudang buildings, the filming of I also personally picked up the camera Wudang scenery. He said he thought quietly at night, 600 years ago, 300,000 artisans took 13 years, the construction has become such a mammoth but nature itself of the ancient buildings, can not understand how the ancients thought, What a Century mystery. During the talks the SAR Secretary Li Fa-Ping, introduced the human landscape and Mount Wudang Taoist culture and natural harmony of thought, has aroused great interest in Jackie Chan, and even said that several "too enjoyable to listen to the." Wudang Xuan Tian SAR gift sword, "Wudang impressions" album and "asked Wudang" CD-ROM, Jackie Chan is very cherished, indicating that a careful look, and signed rebate its own "country" song disc.

Jackie Chan talks to the Wudang made three demands: First, to Wudang Mountain, when the SAR in the next published album, he himself went a selection of photographs; second is the "world out of Wudang Tai Chi," lyrics to him, he will send to his friends and User; 3 next year in his capacity as producer, he plans to shoot a movie in the Wudang, tentatively named "Wudang push-ups" and hopes to be greater support Wudang Mountain.

As environmental image ambassador, Jackie Chan film crew during filming in the Wudang attaches great importance to environmental protection, and crew transfers without leaving a bit rubbish. In the south rock scenic area, when Jackie Chan saw a visitor throw a bottle when he pulled to pick up and politely warned tourists to care for the environment, to win people around a round of applause.

Editor: Ma Yuan Source: China Daily reporter stations in Hubei (correspondent von spring)


National Day Celebrations in Beijing

September 18th, the 60th anniversary of New China was held in Beijing, the last time a comprehensive exercise, which is from the 4th since late last month exercise. With the relevant information has been reported that the National Day Gala Celebration highlights the "mystery" gradually lifted.

It is learned that the evening of October 1, will be held in Beijing's Tiananmen Square to "praise of the motherland, Acura era, inspiring" as the theme of the Festival, Tiananmen Square and other designated areas will discharge fireworks.

Great Exposure music singer

National Day Festival can be described as a star-studded, many performing stars will be joining them, in order to sing the blessings of the new China 60 birthday song. These include Peng Liyuan, Jackie Chan, Song Zuying, Liu Yuanyuan, Cai Guoqing, Qianbai Hui, Dai Yuqiang, Sun Yue, Xie Xiaodong, as well as from Hong Kong from Taiwan Xiongtian Ping Tse and so on.

This reporter saw the scene at the Festival dress rehearsal, the entire party in the strong momentum, "My Motherland" opened in music filled the fireworks and dazzling performances, making a solemn opening and filled with a thick atmosphere of the festive atmosphere, net Fireworks screen moment "burn out" of the "land so Jiao," the word is even more beautiful.

In Lv Wei, Li Danyang such as singing the "I love China" Phantom, the first chapter, "This is the great motherland," the official start, the audience nearly 11 squares 60000 people danced a dance at the same time. It is reported that each square dance choreography different, and this is the 50th anniversary of the most different places.

In the second chapter, the "take-off in China" has become the subject of the performance, Tan Jing, Liao Changyong chorus a "Today is your birthday," Song Zuying, Chen Sisi, Dai Yuqiang, also sang the "good life", "Zhu Jiuge" "We walk in the road" and other songs.

The third part from the traditional into the modern China, showing that a "youth fashion" in China. In the dress rehearsal the night of 12, Sun Yue, Xie Xiaodong, these young singers of the "youth of China," "Let us Dangqi sculls" and other songs sometimes dynamic, sometimes lyrical, bearing the message "Lantern Dance", "Lala Cao "and so has the fashion sense of young dance steps, the entire square and went to rhythm and beats in the beat. It is reported that Hong Kong singer Nicholas Tse and Xiongtian Ping from Taiwan, will also appear in this session.

In the last section, from a small songs, Peng Liyuan singing "Sunshine on the road" will show to a climax, "Dancing with the song" big get-together started. In the Jackie Chan and Liu Yuanyuan chorus of "Guo Jia" and "Youth Friendship Waltz" and the music plays, audience nearly 60 000 people enjoy dancing, singing, the whole square will be boiling.

Fireworks will have a new bright spot

Another feature is the evening fireworks discharge. The difficulty of the fireworks discharge coefficient is the highest in the history of the domestic performances, when there will be praised even more than the fireworks of the Olympic games, "smile." It is reported that up to this year's fireworks art form, its size, shape, art and design is the first time. By then, people will see a scene of spectacular, gorgeous colorful fireworks.


A Variety of Deleted Scenes

Jackie's Cartoon is favourite to win!

The 6th Golden Dragon Award Original Cartoon Animation Art Competition recently announced various award nominations. It is learned that the "warm" as the theme of this competition since the early launch of the Global Zhenggao has Received a total collection to more than 5,000 pieces, the total far more than the 5th, showing a gratifying picture of flourishing.

Animation category the entries in this competition, the standard has also been improved so much, a large number of professional animation creative agencies, animation and other institutions active competition increasingly fierce race to make animation awards. The nominated works both as the "state of the child", "water head", "double down" This kind of academic masterpiece, but also as "Zodiac Story," "Baby of the dragon god dinosaur Warrior," "Charlie Le earthshaking "This boutique. In the 3G era of the background, Golden Dragon Award for new media, animation creation also increased efforts to encourage and support the award nominations have emerged, such as "cannon artillery of passion Sixty", "Nono Bear Animated Series Nostalgia burning "," little mushroom "and other excellent works of short and pithy. In the animated feature film awards competition, the emergence of three male hegemony of the powerful - hundred million box office of "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" new chapter "The Brave Yang Wei", Hong Kong warmth animated masterpiece "McDull stand out" and by the comic artist Tony Wong masterpiece adapted from the cartoon "magic teenager big movie," with access to the nomination.

According to the organizing committee revealed that, due to Golden Dragon Award Presentation Ceremony of "Chinese animation Oscar," reputation, so September 29th awards ceremony, there will be many at home and abroad star figure animation - In addition to hi Goat and Big Big Wolf will be on stage performances, the result of singing, "Detective Conan" and so were the fans in Asia, known as the "Goddess" in the famous animation singer sing Shimokawa Mina will be on-site. In addition, the image of Jackie Chan's animation will be the first time "appearance", with its prototype for the character animation "Fantasy Dragon Treasure (?? My translation)" is expected to win the Golden Dragon Award "series of animated" won award nominations and is expected to win the first prize. Jackie Chan said that "Fantasy Dragon Treasure (?? My translation) is his first participation of Chinese-made animated television series, sought to create their own style of Jackie Chan in the Chinese animation, and hope that animated version of Jackie Chan's image, communicate directly with the children, enable them to understand Chinese history and culture.

Under the committee's arrangement, the final list of winners will be September 29 Second China International Cartoon Festival, held in the evening on the Golden Dragon Awards announced.


Good translation of some of the news from the last few days

Thanks to HKSAR Film No Top 10 Box Office here is a good translation of some of the news from the last few days.

The Jackie Chan and Will Smith's son Jaden starred KUNG FU KID officially began production on Mount Wudang on the 14th.

KUNG FU KID was a China Film Group, Overbook, and Sony Pictures co-production. The key locations will be the Beijing palace, Tiannanmen Square, the Great Wall and Mount Wudang. The Mount Wudang shoot took place between the 14th and the 17th. The State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television have approved the production. The team included famous Hollywood director Harald Zwart, CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON and THE MUMMY 3 production manager Liu Erdong and famous actor Jackie Chan. The locations included Jinding, Nanyan and Carefree Valley.

After the Beijing Olympics, an American mother came to work in China. She brought her son Dre on their first trip to China. Dre enrolled in an international school and met some Chinese friends. A Chinese girl Miying helped him a lot. Dre got into a conflict with a Chinese kid named Lu Weicheng, who bullied Dre with martial arts and embarrassed him. Dre decided to learn martial art in order to beat Lu Weicheng in the annual student wushu competition and win back his dignity. They finally meet at the competition, during which they increase their understanding and became good friends. The Mount Wudang shoot was about Jackie Chan's Han Wutian who brought Dre to visit Mount Wudang and study gong fu. KUNG FU KID will be released June 11 next year in North America and imported to China as well.

5 videos from CCTV

5 Videos from CCTV

Jackie Chan

I found this on CCTV (english) today. Just a little reminder of why Jackie is so great!

Jackie Chan,promoter for Kung Fu into Hollywood
01-19-2009 17:03

Jackie Chan,promoter for Kung Fu into Hollywood, is one of the most famous Chinese action stars all over the world. Among his many movies are "The Myth ", "Police Story".

Jackie Chan, (born Chan Kong Sang, 陳港生, on 7 April 1954) is an actor, action choreographer, film director, producer, martial artist, comedian, screenwriter, entrepreneur, singer and stunt performer from Hong Kong.

Chan is one of the best-known names worldwide in the areas of kung fu and action films. In his films, he is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons and innovative stunts. Jackie Chan has been acting since the 1970s and has appeared in over 100 films.

Chan has received stars on the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As a cultural icon, Chan has been referenced in various pop songs, cartoons and video games. Besides acting, Chan is a Cantopop and Mandopop star, having released a number of albums and sung many of the theme songs for the films in which he has starred. In 2008, Chan sang at the 2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony.


Lyrics to Guo Jia (Country)


都说国很大 其实一个家

一心装满国 一手撑起家
家是最小国 国是千万家

在世界的国 在天地的家
有了强的国 才有富的家

国的家住在心里 家的国以和矗立
国是荣誉的毅力 家是幸福的洋溢
国的每一寸土地 家的每一个足迹
国与家连在一起 创造地球的奇迹

一心装满国 一手撑起家
家是最小国 国是千万家

在世界的国 在天地的家
有了强的国 才有富的家

国的家住在心里 家的国以和矗立
国是荣誉的毅力 家是幸福的洋溢
国的每一寸土地 家的每一个足迹
国与家连在一起 创造地球的奇迹

国是我的国 家是我的家
我爱我的国 我爱我的家
国是我的国 家是我的家
我爱我的国 我爱我的家
(国爱万家 我爱国家)


yī yù kŏu zhōng guó yī wǎ dǐng chéng jiā
dōu shuō guó hĕn dà qí shí yī gè jiā

yī xīn zhuāng mǎn guó yī shŏu chēng qǐ jiā
jiā shì zuì xiǎo guó guó shì qiān wàn jiā

zài shìjiè de guó zài tiāndì de jiā
yǒu liǎo qiáng de guó cái yǒu fù de jiā

guó de jiā zhù zài xīnlǐ jiā de guó yǐ hé chù lì
guó shì róngyú de yìlì jiā shì xìngfú de yángyì
guó de měiyī cùn tǔdì jiā de měiyī gè zú jī
guó yú jiā lián zài yìqǐ chuàngzào dìqiú de qíjī

yīxīn zhuāng mǎn guó yīshǒu chēng qǐ jiā
jiā shì zuì xiǎo guó guó shì qiānwàn jiā

zài shìjiè de guó zài tiāndì de jiā
yǒu liǎo qiáng de guó cái yǒu fù de jiā

guó de jiā zhù zài xīnlǐ jiā de guó yǐ hé chù lì
guó shì róngyú de yìlì jiā shì xìngfú de yángyì
guó de měiyī cùn tǔdì jiā de měiyī gè zú jī
guó yú jiā lián zài yìqǐ chuàngzào dìqiú de qíjī

guó shì wǒde guójiā shì wǒde jiā
wǒ ài wǒde guó wǒ ài wǒde jiā
guó shì wǒde guójiā shì wǒde jiā
wǒ ài wǒde guó wǒ ài wǒde jiā

guó ài wàn jiā wǒ àiguó jiā

wǒ ài wǒ ...guójiā

Founding of a Nation Record Opening Day

China Film Group’s The Founding Of A Republic, a patriotic film made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of People’s Republic of China, was given the widest release ever in China on Sep 16, and unsurprisingly scored a record-breaking opening half day.

The film was originally scheduled to open on Sept 17, but was pushed ahead to 2pm on Sept 16. Its nationwide gross reached $1.9m (RMB14m) up until midnight of Sep 16, which is the best half-day sales record in Chinese film history.

Previously, China’s highest opening-day records were Red Cliff I with $3.66m (RMB25m) and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with $3.22m (RMB22m). However, both figures were for a whole day’s screenings.

China Film Group prepared 1,450 prints for the film’s opening day. At the film’s premiere, China Film Group chairman Han Sanping said he expected total box office to reach $65.89m (RMB450m). If that target is reached, the film would outgross Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to become the biggest film ever in China.

The film revolves around the political struggle between the Chinese communist party and the then ruling Nationalist Party in the run-up to China’s civil war in 1947. It also details the set up of the new communist China in 1949.

Around 200 Chinese stars were recruited to perform in the film, either for free or for discounted pay, including Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi, Vicky Zhao Wei, Leon Lai and Andy Lau.

Media Asia will release the film in Hong Kong on October 1, which is China’s National Day holiday.

In addition, UIP is planning to release the film in Taiwan early next year. This will mark the first time that a Chinese film with propaganda elements has opened in Taiwan.

UIP originally planned to release the film in Taiwan this month. However, Taiwan allows only ten mainland films to be imported each year, and the quota has already been used up for 2009.

Before the release, the film will have to be approved by Taiwan’s Government Information Office (GIO). However, UIP expressed confidence in passing censorship.


Jianguo Daye Opening Day Box Office

Zhong Guangwang Beijing News September 18, chairman of China Film Group, Korea 3 level 17 briefing, the movie "the great cause of nation-building" was at 14 o'clock on the 16th nationwide release date, half-day access to 15 million yuan at the box office the first weekend after release is expected to exceed 1 million at the box office.

By Han San-Ping, Huang Jianxin the joint direction of the "nation-building cause," epitomizes the 1945 negotiations in Chongqing to 1949 founding of the PRC's founding ceremony in a magnificent history of the film gathered more than 170 popular stars, in addition to Tang, Zhang Guoli played many protagonist of Mao Zedong, Chiang Kai-shek, the Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Ge You, Jiang Wen, Chen Kaige, Feng Xiaogang, Chen Tao-ming, Sun Honglei, Zhang Ziyi, Andy Lau, Leon Lai, etc. have appeared.

Han San-Ping said, in general, cinema ticket sales and copy number is proportional, according to theater requirements, China Film Group will launch the country more than 1,450 copies, a record number of copies of the most Chinese movies.


2009 Nanning International Folk Song Art Festival

Premiere will be played by Jackie Chan
Source: Guangxi News Net

News in Guangxi Nanning, September 17 News (Reporter Xie Linlin Li Xian-Ju intern) September 17 morning, the reporter learned from the 2009 Nanning International Folk Song Art Festival PRESS CONFERENCE was informed that this year's Folk Song Festival will be "New Decade of the new folk songs" as the theme, set over the past 10 years, the essence of folk music and cultural festival to carry out series of colorful cultural activities.

Among the artists performing at the opening night on October 20th are:
On the evening of the passion of the night, youth fashion, fascinating, two performances of different ages will meet the needs of the audience. Jackie Chan, Mao Amin, Song Zuying, Lee Hom, Jonathan Lee.....


There is much more about the event:

More than 200 Chinese and foreign artists, boarding of the "Green City Song of Taiwan," performed

As a Folk Song Festival's most popular cultural activities - "Green City Song Taiwan", this year in Nanning city, county district, school and community settings 19 song sets from Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas, Oceania and other continents more than 30 countries, more than 200 foreign artists have posted the "Taiwan" concert, to participate in the most number of countries in history. By then, Ireland's Art Troupe, the Hungarian voice of a bird singing troupe, the Argentine Tango Dance Company, Malaysia Fu (the Xue Long) Alumni Choir and other foreign arts groups, will Nanning citizens and foreign guests present artistic feast.

20 floats parade the national teams of more than 30 square Avenue

"Harmonious Nanning Happy Green City" parade is a folk music festival this year, another highlight of cultural activities, parade and activities will be held in the national road from the Green City charm and universal Uygur, harmony carol, youth bloom, flourishing Dragon, etc. chapter in the composition, then, will be 20 floats and more than 30 performing teams composed of different party themes of the parade, thousands of performers parade, displaying the 60th anniversary of founding of New China to Nanning, the fruits of development.

In addition, Folk Song Festival period, Nanning People's Hall presented "the first person in Guangxi terra-cotta," Mr. Lu Quanzhi of the terra-cotta works of art by artists from Southeast Asia and other countries of the foreign artists perform on the same stage Session, the ASEAN Charm City (International) Photo Exhibition and China - ASEAN International Photographic Competition, the local folk song-writing contest and other activities, will form a new decade Festival Folk Song Festival.


Other Locations for Kungfu Kid

According to this news report (ENT.QQ.COM)Kungfu Kid either will or has filmed at the Great Wall, Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City.

Three very similar but new photos:


Excerpts of interest from the article:

This scene took about three hours, in the middle a short break, Will Smith ran from the tent, pointing out what his son, more time, father and son intimacy in slapstick, or in conjunction with the water of the duck. From the monitor beside his son, Will Smith to run back and forth several times, has always been a happy and contented expression.

In the "McDull stand out", the Mai Tai a result of economic crisis to the Mainland for development, and to Mcdull sent Wudang apprenticeship. This story now has a new version - by the China Film Group and the United States OVERBROOK Corporation, the United States Sony Pictures co-produced "Kung Fu Kid" has recently come to Mount Wudang location shooting, this time up the hill to learn his craft is not a small child progenitor : Hollywood's most valuable actor Will Smith's son Jaden Smith, and his teacher was the famous "The Forbidden Kingdom" Jackie Chan.


Selected films of Jackie's to be shown

Feng Xiaogang's war epic The Assembly (Jijie Hao) won nine nominations in the upcoming 18th Golden Rooster Film Awards, known as the academy awards of the Chinese mainland.

The film, following a soldier's trek for the dignity of his dead comrades, is nominated for some of the most important awards, such as best feature film, best director and best actor.

Chen Kaige's biopic of Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang has been acknowledged with eight nominations, including those for best feature film and best director. Zhang Ziyi, who plays Mei's lover and a Peking opera star, has been nominated for the best supporting actress award.

This year, the awards will be held in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, from Oct 14 to Oct 17. About 155 films will compete for 18 awards.

Special screenings of selected works by Jackie Chan and Taiwanese directors will be staged during the event, too.


Jaden Smith is the Kung Fu Kid

Short article + 10 pics which are all the same we have seen so far ....


BUT if you follow THIS LINK you will see all 10 in full size resolution!

Prequel to Jianguo Daye

The directors of Jianguo Daye have revealed that they will make a prequel to Jianguo Daye (Founding of a Nation) and will start filming early 2010 with an expected release date in 2011. It has a tentative title of Jiandang Daye (建党大业) (Founding of a Party) and will deal with the period of history around the formation of the Communist Party in China in 1921.


More Kung Fu Kid Sneak Pics

A Week Off...

I'm taking off for a week or so to spend some time with my boys. I should be back by the end of next week or there-abouts. I'll leave you with this photo {top} which I was trying to take for Friday Flowers but a little friend kept sneaking into the photo!

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Behind the Scenes Report - Kungfu Kid

No photos but some interesting behind the scenes comments:

"Kung Fu Kid" Wudang Secret filming

Some of the same comments but some are different and two new photos:

Jackie Chan Teng Wudang perform "Kung Fu Dream" bring their own cooks filming road closures

Drunken Master II (Legend of Drunken Master) Blueray Review

So what's good about the movie? Well, what isn't good about a Jackie Chan movie?

Review @ IGN.COM

First Pics of Jackie Chan in Kungfu Kid

As this report says nothing new and the pics are just thumbnail size repeats I am just going to post the link:


Very similar repeat news, but also in English:


Children's Film Festival (English)

In Qingdao, the tenth China International Children's Film Festival is drawing to a close. And as part of the festival, there was a forum to bring filmmakers and critics together. They used the opportunity to discuss the ongoing slump in the production of domestic children's movies.

In China, memorable children's movies are few and far between. Among them are the Wanderings of San Mao from the 1940s, the Little Soldier Zhang Ga from the 1960s, and the Magic Lotus Lamp from the 1990s. The vast majority of other productions are now more or less forgotten by the general public. Although quite a few Chinese-made children's movies have won major international honors, they have failed to impress the young moviegoers across China.

At the forum held during the festival, participants point to a lack of innovation and creativity on the part of filmmakers for children's productions. Most screenwriters fail to recognize the needs of children. Seeking to educate and enlighten the young audience, they disappointingly ignore the entertainment value.

As a result, Hollywood productions have been fast gaining ground among China's young cinema-goers. Titles like the Harry Potter series, Finding Nemo, Lion King, and Transformers are drawing huge followings among China's younger generation.

There are, however, recent examples of improvement in China-made movies for children. The production "Merry Sheep and Bid Bad Wolves", riding on the success of its popular TV series, has had tremendous success. Another movie, "Finding Jackie Chan", also sold well at the box-office. Industry insiders express their hope that such a trend will continue.

There is video on the page as well.


Vintage Beach Photos

I love these vintage Hawaiian beach images which have been hung in the staircase of the Moana Hotel in Hawaii. They remind me of the staircase Windsor Smith filled with framed black and white photos as below.

Image 1 - via Flickr, Image 2 - Domino via Flickr

Uniquely Me Chic - Part 2

It's no secret that I try as much as possible in my work to create a look which is unique and interesting for my clients. I was recently inspired by something written about Ralph Lauren in the book Ralph Lauren, The man, the vision, the style, which was;

"And you couldn't copy his look. You could try but you wouldn't look the way he did."

Image - Ralph Lauren

Bazaar Charity Auction raises funds for Orphans

The Bazaar Charity auction coming up at the end of the month is raising funds to benefit orphans. They are working specifically with Beijing Dragon's Heart Foundation (which was made an official charity in Beijing just recently).

Sohu Entertainment News September 15, Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Children's Fund co-sponsored, entitled "Care for orphans, the sixtieth anniversary of National Day gift," a press conference, on-site published in the "Campaign to protect orphans" project where the successful public insurance products, and announced the release of the entire public goods is expected to be officially launched before and after the National Day. Conference on-site also held a "Bazaar", Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation and other units of the scene of several love children falling seriously ill, some provinces and cities pledge ceremony. "Orphan to protect the action" is China's Children's Fund, "Chinese Children's Insurance special fund" to actively cooperate with the Ministry of Civil Affairs to promote for more than 570,000 orphans in the country to provide protection of the special action of major diseases. The actions are based on Ministry of Civil Affairs groups, a comprehensive screening for orphans, through the "China Children's insurance fund" for the current health of the orphans may cover a major illness insurance, a special public interest.

Journalists live interviews of the love business representatives - "Bazaar" publisher and editor-Miss Su Mang. She said that this year, "Bazaar," a positive response to Premier Wen Jiabao as the representative of the national government's call, the end result will be charity based in China, serious illness in this vulnerable group of children who, prior to August together 100 stars, celebrities and entrepreneurs to launch a joint initiative, called on the whole community of common concern in this vulnerable group of children ill in China's survival, rescue issues, but also this year, after the seventh "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" to raise the money to all the contributions to the domestic ill Save the Children of the public welfare. The "orphans of action to protect the" special work of the Fund and the "Bazaar" The recent activities to promote the charity Save the Children of the serious illness ideals, but also to change after the relief of pre-protection, and present the majority of engaging in post - unique compared to public relief fund to form a good complement each other, so "Bazaar" Hope Save the Children to promote public welfare undertakings of the serious illness more perfect system, so "Bazaar" immediately decided to work with Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, Beijing jointly with the donor, will present "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" to raise money for charity part of the show, used to support the fund.

Stakeholders analysis, there are over 570,000 orphans, and their major disease problems can be basically broken down into two aspects, one has been diagnosed in patients with the number of orphans (stock), the second is the possible future addition of the number of orphans in patients with (delta). To systematically deal with the problems of more than 570,000 orphans in the major diseases that we need to adopt the necessary means to resolve the stock of relief after the cost of treatment in children with pressure, on the other hand through the public insurance mechanisms to protect the additional children with timely treatment. So the people who believe that the Chinese Children's Fund, "Chinese Children's insurance fund" the introduction of innovative insurance mechanisms, and create a combination of insurance and a new mechanism for charity, with the help of commercial insurance mechanism, through the charity fund-raising, can be to maximize the mobilization of community resources for the hundreds of thousands of children's health to provide timely protection, will really benefit the whole population can be thousands of times larger, greatly enhance the efficiency of the implementation of public behavior, coverage and social influence.


Behind everything Jackie does is a spirit of Charity

Bad english or not this article has moved me so much I am copying it here in it's entirety. Just read carefully it is really worth reading what it says about Jackie

When asked what the future will be singing songs of the time, Jackie Chan's face with much experience of life has taken it in stride look on his face: that they should not be sung "plainly my heart" like the song, maybe he will sing "I I believe a certain distance, allows us to fly Love "(Ajia combination of" love fly "Lyrics)? "Big Brother" may be a joke in the open, but for the listener is concerned, we all know that this means we have to say goodbye to an era with him. Although that era has gradually moved away, but we did not before, and its formal farewell.

A closer look at Jackie Chan, you'll know why he was known as "Big Brother." In the studio, if not the director he has done, he will become a true sense of the word "director." Apart from his style of soul outside some small things that he would be themselves, such as personal mobility flight, the mobilization of a small actor's emotions as well as staff photo shoot with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm, innocence, kindness, every one with his personal contact with people will feel something. Then, that sound of "big brother" you will utter the least convincing.

Those relating to guide and support-related story

Jackie Chan is still the kind of men and women come rolling corner of the duet form. But this is not a Sarah Chen, or Sammi Cheng, Tarcy Su, but the combination of new Ajia. Easily sung lyrics recited the refrain: "Don't cry my love Please do not cry, you see every day bright. I believe a certain distance, allows us to love flying?? Although we love each other too hard and can not be accompanied by a long , remembering for love to find a direction, remembering to love. "

Said, and "discovering" the story of Sun Nan are striking similarities, Jackie Chan was also performed with a combination of background Ajia overheard singing, suddenly scared for the Teana. Have the strength of the strong lead by the hand is the new Jackie Chan's consistent style in pop music, it may be he was affectionately known as "Big Brother" in one of the reasons. Jackie Chan's repeated guest appearances in pop music seems to have the "intentions", and both Sarah Chen, Zhou Hui, or combination of this Ajia. Combination of walking in Ajia Tibetan style of music that will popularization of the road, but also committed to the western charity. In addition to singing, probably to attract Jackie Chan is also a vision of these two reasons.

As for the other singer Zhou's help, Jackie Chan is also a recent one, "owed." Singer Zhou Hui comeback in Beijing, joining seed music, Jackie Chan's brother was also assisted us with the Zhou Hui chorus of the song "his own film", but also free shot song MV. According to Jackie Chan in pop music often seems to cultivate the new track, power is the only pass. Like Jackie Chan himself said: No pay how much. Like there is no rewards for, do not like would say to take 10 million better. It seems that for "Big Brother" is concerned, all in all, more sense is a kind of "charity."

"I have participated in any of the performances, there are charitable purpose inside."

Speaking of charity, to explore the recent trajectory of Jackie Chan, you will find that charity is his biggest career. "I have participated in any of the performances, there are charitable purpose inside."

As early as in 2006, Jackie Chan had been among the U.S. magazine "Forbes" Global "Top Ten Star Charity." "Forbes" Jackie Chan has been described as good suit will not only set up a "Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation" to help Hong Kong young people, had also soliciting donations to help tsunami victims in South Asia. Jackie Chan has a rich inheritance while he was filming in recent years, and spends a lot of time to do charity and contributions to the Mainland, also made the experience all the good deeds to distribute VCD, hoping their own forces moved more people to do charity.

With Jackie Chan's words, "I join the charitable cause of more than 30 years. But what is more whole-heartedly believe that starting from the back to the mainland. I feel great sense of responsibility of domestic media, such as the reported number of poor children in remote mountainous areas things. This is in a foreign country and even in Hong Kong, I do not see the content, because it is not their real concerns of local focus. I returned to mainland China in 2005 set up a 'sub-Dragon Heart' education money has now been covered the 24 schools. "

Jackie Chan Charity will change from the inside to the field. Chan said that his past as an upstart, but after doing a charity for charities to become Koumen mean, who will be met with something. Jackie Chan's self-dissection, people feel that this template does not seem a typical story of the rich to do charity, while somewhat prodigal son in this endeavor.

Jackie Chan and his friends

"Jackie Chan and his friends," Jackie Chan's appeal is to hold up a brand new entertainment charity. Following in Guangzhou, Shanghai and successfully held the brand after his concert the evening of May 1, at the National Stadium Bird's Nest, Jackie Chan held a hand trans-pacific "confident that China Descendants of the Dragon - Jackie Chan and his friends" large-scale concerts, has attracted 70000 visitors. All close to the popular idol star labels, such as Sun Nan, Rain, Li Yuchun and other artists have taken part in, as well as Zhao Benshan, small Shenyang mentoring, "My head of my regiment," the play has a few star guest star, is a popular combination of "giant", a grand charity party. Jackie Chan's older brother is undoubtedly the core of the evening's most appealing, hundreds of stars in Jackie Chan's inspired by big brother extraordinary burst of enthusiasm in the past.

Performance during an interesting episode is that Jackie Chan with the concept of the audience to promote environmental awareness and action on the spot demonstrate how to make the stadium a "zero water bottle garbage."

This is the "Bird's Nest" after the Olympics Games for the first time as a major concert venues. The theme is of course the biggest charity performances. Jackie Chan's hope this performance, called for more young people to join the ranks of charity. In an interview with Jackie Chan, "Beijing Evening News" interview, quoted Gandhi, saying: "Pure is a contagious, personal purity of the results of this will bring the purity of the surrounding environment. So that ordinary people into heroes with the power!"

"Jackie Chan and his friends" is Chinese-style Star Pavarotti charity concert, this is Jackie Chan's latest creation.

When Jackie Chan said that he would not sung "plainly my heart," he subtext may be sentimental farewell to an era of pointless. More recently, so we need to bid farewell to an era of an image of Michael Jackson's death. Also art world giant, Jackie Chan, who is very familiar with Jackson. A few years ago Jackson had called Jackie Chan, and would like to invite him to participate in a performance. Unfortunately, Jackie Chan missed it by telephone. Turning to Jackson's death, Jackie Chan that this can also be said for the dead was a relief.

Charity is for Jackson to become a real superstar is an important factor. Charities also made beyond that they have Jackie Chan in the Chinese entertainment circle with an unparalleled status. Maybe not deified Jackie Chan, this is he did not want to see. Jackie Chan may also like the original atomic ordinary one, but broke out of the inner atom Zheke immeasurable power.


Kung Fu Kid filming moves to Wudan Mountain

Filming of Kung Fu Kid moves to Wudang Mountain today.




Full article: ENT.SINA.COM

Article in English: DAILY MAIL

The scene looks very familiar to me ... could it be ... a recreation of the similar training scene from Drunken Master?



Jackie picking up cigarette butts in the Olympic Park last year. Don't litter! (Or smoke)


I haven't really been using red in my work lately but I have recently started to love a touch of red again. Here are a couple of images which reminded me how great {and fresh} a little bit of red in a room can look.

image 1 via pink wallpaper, image 2 via shelter, image 3 via brown turtle neck sweater, image 4 via elle decor, image 5 - via Mrs Blandings

Jackie's New Cartoon

Jackie Chan served as the film's action director, but also own dubbing for the film, which Chan said that as his first involvement of the Department of Chinese-made animated television series, he hopes the animated version of Jackie Chan in the eyes of a child will bring about a pleasant and meaningful experiences, enable them to understand Chinese history and culture.

As I mentioned in an earlier post - the series is up for an Golden Dragon Award for Animation. The Award Ceremony will be held on September 29. The series, itself, will only be shown at the end of the year.


Lots n Lots of photos

Many of these you may have seen but some may be new. Because this is news photo site (ie the photos are for sale) you can only view the photos as thumbnails (at least on my computer it returns an error message when I try to view more information on the photo) but it is still fun looking.

There are pages and pages of results so have fun going through them:


Photos from the China Children's International Film Festival

I had absolutely no idea prior to this just how many different Children's Film Festivals are held in various countries around the world. (GOOGLE RESULT).  There are ones in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, London, Taiwan, Egypt, Lahore (India), San Diego, and a place called Oulu which is in Finland (LOL I had to go look where it was - I had absolutely no idea!) just to mention a few. 

So here are photos from the China International Film Festival Award ceremony - it certainly looks like it was a glittering affair to rival any adult awards.


"Finding Jackie" wins Award


Finding Jackie wins 'My Favourite Film' Award at the China Children's Film Festival which was held the over the last 4 days. Congratulations also to the lead actor, Zhang Yishan, who also received 'My Favorite Child Actor' award.

Interesting background on Lang Lang

I must confess to knowing very little about Lang Lang other than through his involvement with Jackie in various things. What I have heard of his playing has been incredible but beyond that I know very little.

So this article which outlines a little of his history is of interest:


Cute young ones of animals - 2

Cute young ones of animals !

Cute little animals, cute baby animals, cute animals
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