Intro of story I have been writting for quite a while!

Think Whatever you want to think about it (as long as it's good thinking!)
I wrote this while I was mainly half asleep so sorry for da spelling mistakes and all that.... :)
(it doesnt really have a title yet..... possibly "I Swear"
“I swear on my life that I didn’t do it” said the man with the gun, standing beside the man lying on the ground with a bullet hole in his head, who was obviously dead. The man with the gun knew it was a bad idea to swear on your life (he had learnt that from past experiences). You should never swear on your own life. It’s ok to swear on, for example, you’re least favourite aunties’ life because you don’t really care about her. But on your own life which you do care about, is always a bad idea especially if the thing you’re swearing your life on is a bad idea to swear your life on. If for instance, you swore on your life that one day you would repay your best mates fiver. That’s ok. But swearing on your life that you didn’t kill someone when you did is a bad idea and well to be honest, killing someone is a bad idea, but if you ever do kill someone I would advise that you don’t swear on your life that you didn’t kill this certain somebody. This might be getting a little confusing so I think we should get on with the story.

Excuse me for a moment but I think I need to sit down for a little bit, that was all quite overwhelming….. Right, where was I? Oh yes, on with the story.
It all started many years ago in a galaxy far fa……… oh right the other story... gottcha. Well this story starts a few years ago when a man, named Steve, tripped over. Well I know what you’re thinking… oh he tripped over, very exciting, I think I’m going to have a heart attack* from the immense tension, but you see the problem was that he hadn’t just tripped over his feet, he had tripped over a person. Now you’re thinking, why is Steve going around tripping over people, and I’ll tell you, he hadn’t seen this person due to the fact this person was lying on the floor looking hopeless and not moving. So Steve decided to step over him, and well the person moved therefore Steve tripped over (the person). I am now going to continue this sorry in another tense than this one (I seem to have forgotten al the English lessons)
So....... whatcha think?????? I got 'bout another 700 words I could put on there but I'll save that for another day!!!!!