Add A Blogger Follow Button without Followers!

I was really wondering how can I add a Blogger Follower button without displaying the followers and that bulky blogger widget. After some research and some rational thinking I came up with a simple trick which will help you add this button with least effort.

I always hated that bulky looking follow widget in blogger and I finally came up with a very simple and light weight widget which you can add to your blog very easily.

Just follow below simple steps to create your own Blogger Follow widget.
1. Just Sign in to your 
Google Account
2. Go to your blog's 
Dashboard > Design.
3. Just copy the blog Id from the url (Just the number nothing else).

4. Now paste it at the place in the below code marked in red.

<a href="" target='_blank'><img src=""></a>

5. Now Just go to Blogger Design Add HTML widget.

6. And Just copy paste the above code with your blog id in the widget and Save.

You are all set. From now on you are free from the bulky bad blogger follow widget and you have a very simple blogger follow widget. Once you are done with adding the widget you will see some thing similar to the below image. Looks simple right.

And you can change the image by use your own image! just replace the image link with yours! Good Luck!

Sharing is simple! Make sure, drop some comment here! Thanks me if you had benefit from this post! If you have anything in mind, feel free to drop some comment here.. Just ask me if you have any problem with those codes.. Happy Blogging Guys! Follow me for the latest post and hacks!